Statistics Blogs

For some statistics is a hateful evil and for others they are a necessary tool.  However there are a small band of individuals for whom statistics are a quiet passion (before you scoff at such people, consider how useful it would be to have one as a friend).  Some of these individual choose to spread the word through rather useful blogs.  A few of which are discussed below the fold.

One nice example for the more advanced student is Stats makes me cry which is maintained by a post-grad who runs a statistics consultancy on the side.  There are a few plugs for his consultancy on the blog but there are some good content in his short and intelligible posts. There is a few post on confusing terms such as Standard Deviation.  There is also a few videos that deal with some more advanced meaty topics such as mediation and regression.  There is a lot of quick and easy advice on the site.

For the hard core Statistics Jeromy Anglim is very good.  It does tend to deal with more complex issues than a undergraduate would have to deal with but it does have a nice Resources Page.

If you have a specific question you could try a statistics community, incredibly useful if you really can’t find the answer elsewhere.  Try the pitfalls of statistics for a discussion of how “you can prove anything with statistics”  and ways you can make sure your own statistics are clear and accurate using examples from medicine, education, and industry.  Bad Science has several excellent examples of reporting of statistics in the media, relates to books and articles by Ben Goldacre.

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