SPSS and “How to” guides on the web

SPSS (it now called PASW) is still the most popular statistics package in psychology and it is the one that is most used in honours year here at Glasgow.  In terms of on-line resources there are a lot out there of variable quality.  A quick Google search will get most people what they want.  However their are some good sites that are worth comment.  This page is a good set of resources.  I quite liked the linked online classes [link opens a online class].  They are a little long but have got nice sets of resources supporting them (you can access them by clicking on links above the lecture head).

There is a separate post on Andy Field’s site.  This is worthwhile book mark. You do need to remember that there are different version of SPSS out there (the newest version is not even called SPSS, it is now PASW) so some of the examples may look different to those on your own screen.

A getting started guide available as part of the OU ‘open learn’ site. Covers  SPSS from entering data up to t-tests and correlations.   Clear and well explained using screen shots and flash movies, but doesn’t include ANOVA or regression.

Try searching youtube and you will find dozens of online demonstrations if you search for SPSS and the type of test you are looking for. Some have a number of useful videos of SPSS (and excel).  However,  it goes without saying that the content is variable.

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